Our Motto

"Our music sounds like shit - and we don't care!"

Our Mission

We are an electronic band dedicated to punishing our listeners with terrifying audio. We make anti-music for cyborg funerals, broken hearts and fried circuits that cannot be fixed. If you don't find what we do to your liking, don't worry - it is not for everyone and your taste in music might simply not be refined enough.

Our Songs

Most of these titles came about in an era when it was cool to write everything in lowercase. Today we would probably have opted for uppercase in accordance with our brutal attitude, but we will leave it this way as an historical document. For consistency any new releases will also follow this style.

Our Conditions

You may download, play and spread our songs as much as you want (we rip our samples anyway, from a multitude of questionable sources, so we are hardly in any position to argue intellectual property rights or moral superiority).